The Air-Cooled Porsche Festival.

Luft 01

Luftgekühlt is back for another year, this time it’s number 5.

First off, no, we don’t know how to pronounce Luftgekühlt. That’s not important. We do know that it means air-cooled, and if you’re a Porsche enthusiast, then you know that this is the purest form of Porsche you’ll find. Expect pristine and found versions of 930’s, 964’s, 993’s and of course a million variants of the iconic 911.

Sprung from the minds of two-time Le Mans winner Patrick Long and creative director Howie Idelson, this festival is not to be missed. We went last year and continued drooling for two days afterwards.

Sun, April 22, 9am-3:00pm. $35-65. Get your tickets here. Leave the title to your Porsche here.

Ganahl Lumber Company
South Bay 2600 Del Amo Blvd

Luft 06

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